A healthy alternative to Nutella.

All the taste and none the guilt.

I stumbled upon this combo a few days ago and it actually prompted me to think about starting a food blog….because I thought this discovery was too important not to share!

It all started with a late night sweet craving – you know those – and not having any luscious cake available at hand, I looked around in the pantry and came out with almond butter and linden honey. A teaspoon of each on a slice of ciabatta bread later, I was back to watching one of my current favorite TV shows “Under the Dome”. I enjoyed the taste of my unlikely snack wondering what it reminded me off…and then it hit me – Nutella!

So, if you like the taste but are not too keen on the sugar and palm oils of the above mentioned, maybe you should try this: almond butter (unsalted!) + linden honey + bread. The honey that I used (there is the empty jar 🙂 on the photo) was linden which has a specific edgy and slightly bitter taste. Well, not exactly bitter but rather distinctive.

Anyway, given the nutritional qualities of both almond butter and honey, this makes a great snack or dessert for anyone who has ever liked that fabulous hazelnut spread – only this time it’s no guilt just joy!

Bon appétit, space peeps!



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