The super simple Brussels sprouts with chicken

First I gotta say – I am crazy about Brussel’s sprouts and I eat them almost every day.        I know.

But my food craziness aside, I’ve seen people at the produce aisle looking confusingly at Brussel sprouts as if wondering what is that cabbage from Lilliput (as in Gulliver’s Travels) doing here in the world of big humans? The ‘Lilliput cabbage’, which is not its name at all, is delicious and although a much smaller cousin to your next door cabbage, has a slightly different, musky taste. It can be just boiled for 15-20 minutes and salted to taste – and makes a tasty meal or snack for a calorie conscious consumer, or it can get further involved with some other other foods and flavors.

Here, we will pair it with chicken breasts and tomatoes for a calorie friendly, savory meal. But first, the grocery list:

  • About a kilogram (2 pounds) or less – totally up to you – of Brussels sprouts
  • Two or three chicken breasts
  • Two regular size tomatoes
  • Garlic – optional
  • Salt and pepper

Cook the Brussels sprouts in boiling water for about 15 minutes. Drain.

Cook the sliced and seasoned meat on olive oil, medium heat for a few minutes. Set the done meat aside on a plate.

Chop the tomatoes and put them in the pan and oil where you cooked the meat. Cook on medium heat for about five minutes until it becomes mushy and releases the juice.

Add the Brussels sprout and garlic. Mix and cook for 3-4 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Top with meat, and mix it lightly so the meat gets some of the sauce.

Goes well with french fries and seven seeds bread.

This is very easy and simple to make but looks quite elaborate when served. I hope you enjoy it!

Bon Appetit, space peeps!

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