The leftovers makeover

So yesterday I made the tipsy chicken with prunes and the sauce and prunes gone - but two pieces of chicken left behind in the pan. Well, put them back on the stove - in the same pan they spent the night in at the fridge inn. I warmed up the leftover chicken and added … Continue reading The leftovers makeover


Tipsy chicken avec prunes

Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts 'avec' means 'with' in French. Little word but quite social. Now about today's food - this is you-gotta-try-it-to-believe-it kind of good. (Like) seriously. And what I find interesting, and puzzling, and amazing about this meal is the...I don't know - randomness...of the ingredients, and the perfect … Continue reading Tipsy chicken avec prunes

Apple pie ahoy!

Because it has rum. And one would never guess. It's a simple pie - like most apple pies are - simple and delish. But this one is really good so if you are seriously watching your weight you should move on to a different page because this pie will entice you. I think I ate … Continue reading Apple pie ahoy!