Chicken date blues

Because it involves chicken, dates and blue cheese. And it's yummy, too. Actually, yummy kind of doesn't do it justice because this meal, simple as it is, is pure taste-buds extravaganza. And the grocery list is a minimalist one: Chicken thighs 1 medium onion Dry dates, 5-ish Blue cheese - any Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Stilton - … Continue reading Chicken date blues


Muffins Frühstück

Frühstück (pron. frooshtook) means breakfast in German. Good word. It's a simple recipe because that's what we do here: simple and yummy 🙂                             And this is the grocery list: 3 eggs 3 small cups of brown sugar (small cups like espresso … Continue reading Muffins Frühstück