Tipsy chicken avec prunes

Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts 'avec' means 'with' in French. Little word but quite social. Now about today's food - this is you-gotta-try-it-to-believe-it kind of good. (Like) seriously. And what I find interesting, and puzzling, and amazing about this meal is the...I don't know - randomness...of the ingredients, and the perfect … Continue reading Tipsy chicken avec prunes


Bacon sandwich time!

  I made this sandwich and it was so beautiful to look at that I started making pictures. So I'm posting the photos and the sandwich - because chances are you will like it, too, and it's easy to make, lovely to show off and super friendly on the taste buds. Is it friendly on … Continue reading Bacon sandwich time!

Gnocchi à la cream bluebabagaronion

And in the name is the ingredients' mnemonic reminder. Sounds French. I was about to make a delish quiche when I realized I was out of eggs. Like a rebellious hen. So I decided to make something else and based on what I could find in the pantry/fridge, which was gnocchi and some other stuff … Continue reading Gnocchi à la cream bluebabagaronion


Quickie shrooms

 Quickie shrooms   This meal became a staple in my little kitchen by the shear chance of having just a few ingredients available in the fridge. The good about it is that it is very fast to make and yet tastes like a full blown cooked meal. The bad thing about it is that it is likely … Continue reading Quickie shrooms